Nintendo Story

I entered the store at 7:44am and briskly jogged to the back of the store. There was a gentleman ahead me. I knew his intent. He spoke to a clerk and briskly hurried away. I approached the same clerk and meekly inquired as to whether there were any Nintendo’s left. He waved me to the front of the store “If we have any, they would be at register 3” My brisk walk turned into a sprint to the front of the store. The other man was ahead of me in line. There was only one attendant at the customer service desk. The man whispered something and a Nintendo appeared. Could he have gotten the last, I thought??? The attendant called for assistance because an older woman was getting a special order. Someone jumped in front of me to claim a rebate with a coupon – one dollar was her prize. Is there any left???? The suspense was killing me. I asked in a quiet and hushed voice, “Do you have any Nintendos left?” And from behind the counter, she presented me with grandest gift of all. I was beaming with excitement. I hoped I remembered my Target pin. Alas, it came to me and the treasure was now in my possession. Merry Christmas to you, and to all a good night!